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Specialized QA
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QA Engineers
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Codolis quality assurance team is ready to provide full-time QA engineers to contribute to your project’s quality and success. Our QA testing professionals are proficient in various methodologies with a proven track record of successful implementations across a variety of industries. With Codolis QA staffing solutions, you can save up your time and recruitment efforts while ensuring supreme quality.


Outsourcing models

  • You would like to expand your in-house quality assurance team with one or more QA engineers,
  • You want to build a brand new team from scratch, with our software testers,
  • Your teams simply don’t have enough time to test, so you need QA reinforcement,
  • Your QA team is overloaded with work and you lack resources to expand it,
  • You need to hire software testers for a specific short-term project,
  • You need QA engineers as a part of the mixed, dedicated Codolis software development team.

We will select and implement the best practices for your customer software development and form a perfect QA team to help you achieve your goals. This enables you to increase efficiency immediately.

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Our QA engineers are skilled, talented and detailed, and what’s best – you can hire them instantly to cover your quality assurance needs!

The goal of any test automation solution is to both simplify and speed up the testing efforts in order to improve software product quality and reduce time to market.
Automation achieves what manual QA testing cannot - it can simulate innumerable virtual users interacting with a software application or network. Regardless of how many times the same tests have to be performed, it provides accurate results. Save time, effort and money as you can run the automated tests any number of times.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is essentially a collection of functions and procedures that can be executed by external applications. The importance of conducting API testing is significant if you want to ensure a perfect product.
Testing API functionality, integration, and security often require specialized automated tools to make the process more efficient. Only experienced software QA engineers can correctly automate API testing and we have such experts in our big team. Our QA testers are familiar with all the necessary tools and can help implement them for your QA organization.

Since there are thousands of mobile devices and platforms, as well as hundreds of network operators using various technologies, mobile application testing has unique challenges.
We offer the best quality mobile application testing services, including cross-platform software checking on all sorts of devices and we ensure the right quality from our hands-on experience. With the software and expertise in place to start mobile testing immediately, Codolis has a team of skilled QA testers and is ready to assign them to your mobile project at any time.

Security testing of applications is a critical quality assurance step for businesses to safeguard their applications. It requires dedicated training, ongoing education, continuous practice, and top rated tools.
The best security testing engineers, like those at Codolis, immerse themselves in the world of security testing and keep up to date on the latest threats and how to avoid them. Most businesses cannot afford the time or money to do that on their own, that’s where Codolis jumps in.

Performance testing measures the quality attributes, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage. It includes multiple, distinct facets to fully exercise the software and hardware and identify any weaknesses, as well as benchmark where and when the issues arise. Different tests are used to verify the performance from varied angles.
We can work with you to fix the performance issues and make sure your site is ready for production, and ready for the growth of your company.

Usability testing measures how comfortable users feel using the application based on the layout, navigation, flow, speed, and the validity of the content. We help you avoid the risk of creating highly functional software nobody likes using by checking every screen, clicking every button, and making sure it’s a positive user experience.
The goal of usability testing is to test how easy the software is to use, learn, and how convenient it is for the end user. By validating the usability of your product, your company will have a competitive advantage in the market.