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Update your
Legacy System
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What is Legacy system?

A legacy system presents outdated computer software that is still in use as it gives an impression that it can still deal with most of the tasks and, therefore, meet the needs of its original design. However, it also requires constant maintenance and support, occasional integration and compliance as they need to comply with industry regulations, as well as special attention to security in order to avoid data breaches.

Additionally, it does not allow growth since the system’s old technology does not enable it to interact with newer systems. This can lead to some missed business opportunities, which gives the competition a great opportunity to outperform in the market. Digital transformation drives business growth, competitiveness, greater efficiency and cost reduction.

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Why do companies
keep using
Legacy Systems?

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Although companies are offered the latest capabilities and services such as cloud computing and better data integration, some still continue to use legacy systems mostly due to the illusion that costs of changing the system overtop the costs of maintaining, protecting and securing the outdated system.

Others claim that the legacy system migration is not worth the damage that can occur during the transition or think they cannot successfully migrate to other systems and technologies for operational reasons.

However, legacy system modernization is the easiest and usually the least expensive option to increase your company’s efficiency. It will benefit your company by allowing it to develop and achieve higher productivity levels and, at the same time, decrease IT costs.

Codolis team can deal with all aspects of legacy system modernization, from evaluating your current solution, creating a business strategy, prioritizing the features to rebuilding your product.

Codolis can offer you

Legacy migration is a challenge for many organizations. However, with the help of professional developers, this does not have to be a problem.Codolis team helps companies update their products using innovative technologies and thus offer their clients new opportunities for their companies’ growth.

When your company starts growing and expanding, you are likely to face a problem of legacy system integration with new technologies. As old systems are mostly fragile and difficult to integrate, it is best to leave this process to experienced professionals. Our software developers will handle legacy integration with minimal disruptions to your business.

A lot of companies are now opting for outsourcing offshore software developers and consultants to relieve their own developers of maintaining legacy software so that they themselves can focus on R&D and innovations.

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