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Tamara PyScript

PyScript – Python in the Browser

Last year we heard about the PyScript project as a new framework for Python users. Alpha version of this project was presented at the PyCon conference in 2022. While we keep an eye on the continuous upgrades since it was first presented, let’s talk about basic information and the advantages this framework brings.

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Jelena Popov ASP.NET Core 7.0 Codolis

Inside the upcoming updates – What’s new in ASP.NET Core 7.0

A viral topic nowadays is the November releasement of the ASP.NET Core 7.0 version. If you didn’t use .NET already, you probably heard that it is one of the most popular platforms for building many different types of applications.  If you ask developers, they would likely get in line with .NET, because it’s provided with many tools that make their work easier.

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a day in the life of a qa tester codolis blog

A Day in the Life of a QA Tester

Each day in the life of a QA Tester is different and being a QA means you never stop learning. Whenever you’re testing you have to act in different user roles.

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Key Values QA Testing Adds to Your Organisation

QA Testing helps you in fixing the errors before they become major issues. That is why it’s important to get testing done as soon as possible. Don’t let yourself have additional costs, which come while replacing, retesting as well as reselling products, having errors. Software development consists of many stages and if bugs are caught in the earlier stages it costs much less to fix them. The bigger your organisation is, the bigger is the business impact of one bug.

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